Learn About The Sutcliffe Clinic's Four Pillars of Care

The Power Of A Multidisciplinary Team

The Sutcliffe Clinic houses a team of experts from various fields related to education, therapy, behavior, medicine, nutrition, wellness and development that continuously work together in a way that is cohesive, collaborative, communicative, and comprehensive. There is nothing like having your full team under one roof and communicating regularly in order to optimize care. The diversity of disciplines adds a richness to our diagnostic testing, assessments, treatments and wellness planning.  It allows us to truly address the whole child and the whole family with each individual case. A weekly meeting allows all team members to discuss your child’s progress and collaborate on achieving the most effective management plan.  

It is important to remember that the most important member of your child’s team is you. Parents know their children well. We listen to parents and actively include them in their child’s care, using our expertise to guide and provide support while respecting family values and culture.