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At the Sutcliffe Clinic we value collaboration, communication, relationships, skill-building, and strength-based interventions. Join us in our mission to help families to feel more informed and empowered so they can advocate for and support their children through the ups and downs of infancy, childhood, and teenage years.



The Sutcliffe Clinic is looking for energetic and skilled licensed and pre-licensed therapists to join our multidisciplinary pediatric clinic and who is excited about bridging mental health, behavior, education and wellness.

This opportunity allows a therapist to provide top-quality and personalized care to children and their families (Pre-Licensed therapists will receive clinical supervision and training for evidenced-based practices).

Collaboration with other enthusiastic team members is an essential part of the role, as we passionately work together to help parents raise happy kids!

Licensed Psychologist for Pediatric Assessments

The Sutcliffe Clinic is looking for an energetic and skilled licensed psychologist to join our Assessment and Learning Team. We are a pediatric multidisciplinary clinic that is innovative, forward-thinking, and collaborative. We are a community that bridges mental health, behavior, education and wellness.

In this position, you will provide psychological testing and school advocacy. You will work closely with administration as our program continues to evolve to meet the needs of our families.

This will include:

  • Provide psychological diagnostic testing and assessment of children from preschool-age through school-age for autism, developmental delays, school challenges, learning disabilities, ADHD, cognitive impairments, and behavioral challenges.
  • Attend school meetings including IEP meetings as a way to support, empower and advocate for children and families.
  • Complete home and school observations to inform diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations.
  • Possibly provide individual and group, child and family therapies using evidence-based treatments for a variety of conditions including behavioral challenges, anxiety, ADHD, impairments in self-regulation, and mood disorders.
  • Lead, supervise, and mentor other psychologists, therapists, and teachers.
  • Participate in program development.
  • Work collaboratively with other Team Leads to support ongoing improvement and change that is in line with the clinic mission and values.
  • Collaborate regularly with other Sutcliffe clinicians to enrich the patient experience and to broaden your own learning.
  • Work closely with the Clinic Coordinators to facilitate true coordinated care.
  • Actively seek out opportunities to learn from continuing education activities.
  • Participate and present at informational talks and workshops offered by the clinic to parents and other professionals
  • Engage in clinic outreach initiatives including but not limited to blog writing, social-media activities, clinic open house events and presentations at local schools.


Behavior Team, Los Altos

The Sutcliffe Clinic seeks a BCBA with 3+ years of experience to join our behavior team. The behavior team provides high-quality services to clients with autism and related disorders in home, clinic, and community environments. This is an exciting opportunity for a BCBA to work on a multi-disciplinary team of providers. We are a team that feels passionately about helping our families!


Behavior Team, Los Altos

The Sutcliffe Clinic is looking for a RBT with at least 3 years of experience.
We are a team that is passionate about helping the families in our clinic. Our clinic and team approaches are unique and exciting!