Our Four Pillars of Care

At the Sutcliffe Clinic, we are dedicated to providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to your child’s development and well-being. Our care strategy is built on four foundational pillars, crafted to address every aspect of your child’s biopsychosocial needs cohesively. 


Understanding that a child’s development is profoundly influenced by their surroundings, we place a strong emphasis on optimizing their environment. Our first step is to understand the dynamics of your child’s home environment, striving to enhance communication among family members, while recognizing the unique circumstances of every relationship. We work closely with schools to facilitate accommodations that are conducive to your child’s learning needs and advocate for strong partnerships between educators and parents. Finally, we actively collaborate with external therapists and specialists to ensure a cohesive support system that extends the benefits of our care beyond the walls of our clinic.


This pillar is dedicated to developing the essential skills that children and their families need to thrive. We focus on behavioral, language, and sensorimotor skills, designing tailored activities, routines, and treatment plans that align with the child’s and family’s goals. Moreover, we believe in the power of educated and empowered parents. Our programs also include parent education, proposing tools and strategies to promote and reinforce the therapeutic strategies from the clinic at home, creating a more consistent care path.


Our wellness pillar emphasizes the importance of mental, emotional, and physical health and the interconnectedness of these aspects in a child’s development. Instead of approaching your child’s care from a problem-based mindset, We identify and nurture each child’s strengths, encouraging activities that build confidence, leadership, and resilience. Moreover, we take into account the vital role of sleep and exercise, advocating for healthy routines for the entire family. For instance, spin classes or swimming are promoted for their therapeutic benefits in higher-functioning children, offering both relaxation and physical exercise.


As a medical clinic, we understand the role that medication can play in further progressing a child’s development and well-being. To support goals related to attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and anxiety, among others, the decision to use medication is considered thoughtfully and is always made in close consultation with families, ensuring it aligns with a comprehensive care plan.