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Summer Education Programs

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Kamp Kindergarten

Our specially designed two-week Kamp Kindergarten, tailored for children with unique developmental needs through fun and interactive activities paired with one or two other children, your child will get ready to learn.

Group meets Monday-Thursday from 10:00am-12:00pm

July 29 – August 9

$2,000 per kamper

Summer Foundations

K-5th graders will work 1:1 with our learning specialist to build and maintain these foundational skills over the summer so they enter next school year feeling confident. Goals are based on end-of-year report card (optional: speak with the teacher) and grade level standards.

Meets 2-3x per week

June 3 – Aug 9

$2,350 per 10 sessions

Middle School Book Club

Join our middle school book club for 6th-9th graders. Cynthia Oceguera, M.Ed., learning and executive functioning specialist, to work on how to use planning skills to reach their goals on a daily, weekly, and long-term basis. Students will read a highly-engaging novel and participate in discussions, writing, and projects to engage students over 4 weeks.

Meets 2x a week for 4 weeks

June 3 – 28 or July 8 – August 2

$1200 (2 students) or $920 (3 or more students)

Step Up to High School

Students in 9th-12th grade will learn with a small group of same-age students the necessary executive functioning skills to be successful from day one of high school. Skills will include planning, time management, task initiation, organization, and many more!

Meets 2x a week for 4 weeks

July 8 – August 2

$1200 (2 students) or $920 (3 or more students)

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